Suver Haze

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Strain: Suver Haze

  • Tests out at  18.2 % CBD and  Delta 9 THC levels <0.1%.
  • Genetics: Suver # 8 x ERB (Early Resin Berry).
  • Dominant Terpenes: A Bisabolol, B Caryophyllene, Nerolidol,  B Myrcene,  A Pinene, A Humulene, Guaiol and others.
  • Delicious aroma of ripe tropical fruit. This has the most unique and intoxicating terpene profile.

Ingredients: Hemp CBD Flower

We are very proud of the fact that we grow using organic farming practices. We absolutely do not use any pesticides on any of our strains.

As quality is of the utmost importance to Fields of Hemp, each and every harvest is tested and approved by the Department of Agriculture or one of their ORELAP (Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program) accredited laboratories prior to distribution.

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1 Gram (0.035 Ounce), 3.5 Grams (1/8 Ounce), 7 Grams (1/4) Ounce, 14 Grams (1/2 Ounce), 28 Grams (1 oz)

19 reviews for Suver Haze

  1. Alan Anderson

    Very pleasant smoking experience with FOH’s Suver Haze. It’s a strain that can be smoked any time of day and the terps stick to nose hairs keeping you hazy.

  2. Billy Berditzman

    Very Very VERY DANK. Such a refreshing/relaxing smoke even when rolling joints (which tends to be very harsh I just thought that’s the way CBD flower was, Nope. Just the wrong vendors) This was very dense, flavorful, pungent smoke that’s noticeable within the first 2 hits. I’ve never slept so good in my life. I need less sleep now then before and feel even more refreshed. very happy I pulled the trigger and ordered the full ounce. Michelle thank you for the pre-roll samples and extra 7 grams of AC/DC also! Fields of Hemp cares very much for their flowers and customers i’m a new regular with you guys.

  3. Renee & Josh

    This is a wonderful strain. The buds are nice and big, firm and very sticky. It smells amazing and the effects for me are very social energetic and pain relieving. Ordering was easy and shipping was super stealth and very fast. Best hemp flower vendor, period!

  4. Ben W.

    This was my first time ordering CBD flower and I am very pleased! What separates Fields of Hemp from many other farms is their disclosure of each flower’s terpene profile. In terms of the packaging, the flower was concealed discretely and Fields of Hemp was very generous with the Oz I ordered. It smells amazing and the single bud I’ve broken up so far was very sticky! The effects of this Suver Haze strain put all of the other CBD products we’ve tried to shame. We are feeling more uplifted, clear-headed, and experiencing much-needed pain-relief from this winter weather. With flower this good, we will only be ordering from Fields of Hemp!

  5. Christopher Clanton

    Bud I received felt a little dry and was minorly hard, but still a great smoke, looking foward to buying this harsh dry goodness lol, love the product, love the company …thank you FOH will be ordering soon, keep the good stuff going

  6. Steamedgyoza

    Question to the owners: Is this strain discontinued or just out of stock?

    To everyone else: this strain stimulates (my) appetite tremendously, and I RARELY get the munchies. It’s also a great daytime strain that wont slow you down. At least, the batch I got.

  7. Chase

    I received this strain in my 4 strain sampler. Haze strains have always been my favorite tasting strains. At the moment grams only available but I’d love to try this one again when it’s fresher and in stock. No complaints as the cure and flower were amazing . I’d just like more of that haze sweetness cutting through on the flavor. Energetic effects with nice dank smell with sweet undertones. FOH is the real deal. I burn my flower in glass and was in desperate need of a supplier that has top quality flowers and takes the time to cure and grow hemp properly. A lot of brands out there fake the smell and flavor with terpene enhancements. Not FOH! Like I said hands down the best cbd flower I’ve ever tried!

  8. Terry Bruce

    Great for pain went from 2 percocet a day to 1/2 ever other day

  9. Chriztaphason

    This flower is not the most aromatic of the Strains as it is listed in the description. It is a decent flower. Smells like chlorophyll and earthy. Taste the same . Mild effects. Good bud size. Sticky.

  10. Joseph (verified owner)

    Love the suver haze. I recently purchased this and love it. Helps with pain from a car wreck 8 years ago. Helps with anxiety and helps my sleep. The fastest shipping and very good prices. Firlds of hemp is the only company I purchase from.

  11. Evan (verified owner)

    This stuff knocks your socks off, good smoke, nice buds covered in sugary trichomes! And I really can’t put enough emphasis how nice and helpful their staff is. FOH A+ in my book!

  12. Bikergirl900 (verified owner)

    Review for Suver Haze- NEW
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  13. Bikergirl900 (verified owner)

    One of the best strains (Suver Haze) I’ve tried. Has a nice fruity smell, smooth smoke, and great taste. The effects of this strain are very, calming & chill. Good evening/night time smoke in my honest opinion. This strain helps relieve any stress or anxiousness you may have. Good smoke if you want to just be calm & chill. A+ quality buds!

  14. Muziqstar

    Giving this one 4 stars because I can still smell chlorophyll as if the flowers were either planted late or harvested a tad bit early. They smell amazing when broken down but the texture is not what I am used to with Suver. I ordered the smalls and I’m sure the large buds may be better. Going to do an extended cure to fix the smell.

  15. Fred

    I was lucky to get this in my sampler and have just finished vaping some.

    I came back to this page to order an ounce. 🙂

    This vaporizes great, the flavor is full and the vapor is nice and easy (@380F). The effect for me is a mild mind relaxation with a bit of a calmness in the body. I feel like I could sleep or read a book or write code… so I’m going to go do one of those things, can’t wait to get more!

  16. Astrid J. (verified owner)

    Ok, bought “smalls” and I must say…the buds are far from being “small”. The buds are regular sized compared to other vendors I’ve purchased from. Suver Haze is top notch. The smell, taste, smoke ability, effects, breakdown of buds are exceptional. Perfect evening/nite time smoke which makes you real relaxed, calm, and chill. Wouldn’t smoke this before work, you wouldn’t want to go Lol. 5/5 stars!!

  17. Brad (verified owner)

    Favorite strain from FOH. Can’t go wrong with any of them really. Suver takes me to a different level of uplift/energetic/happy/ and overall reduced anxiety’s. Highly recommended and the customer service is on point. Well done!

  18. Brendan Guzman

    Five stars for Suver Haze. Got mine in a pre-roll and really pleased with the smoke and the effects. More of a body high so it better addressed my anxiety as opposed to my migraines, which I use Elektra for. Will be buying again!

  19. Andrew wright

    If i could give this 10 stars i would!! Suver haze is a very popular strain, many growers and stores have it. I have tried multiple different sources of suver, and FOH blows them out of the water every time. This order was smalls and these “smalls” are decent size nugs the biggest was almost 2gs. They wont be big cola buds, but they arent popcorn thats for sure. Its about what cali calls chronic nugs. Suver haze is the strongest, most sedating(personally, some it gives energy), best for pain, stress, anxiety, and sleep. It helps my mom with her pains from arthritis and chemo and radiation pains from cancer. I cant put into words how grateful we are for michelle and Fields of Hemp. Best customer service ive ever seen. She is personable and make sures you feel taken care of, responds fast, and goes out of her way to help you. If its in her power to do something that will help she will do it. Thank you again Michelle for all you do to help us and people like us. We love you!!!

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