Sampler Pack (4 Strains)

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Choose 1 gram of any 4 strains for $30.00.

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Strain 1

Suver Haze, Therapy, Grumpy Grandpa, Lifter, Special Sauce, Sour Space Candy, Elektra, AC/DC, Pine Berry

Strain 2

Suver Haze, Therapy, Grumpy Grandpa, Lifter, Special Sauce, Sour Space Candy, Elektra, AC/DC, Pine Berry

Strain 3

Suver Haze, Therapy, Grumpy Grandpa, Lifter, Special Sauce, Sour Space Candy, Elektra, AC/DC, Pine Berry

Strain 4

Suver Haze, Therapy, Grumpy Grandpa, Lifter, Special Sauce, Sour Space Candy, Elektra, AC/DC, Pine Berry

8 reviews for Sampler Pack (4 Strains)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jeremy (verified owner)

    Fields of Hemp has the highest quality hemp I’ve had, and I’ve tried a few places. Their stuff is consistently amazing. I got AC/DC, Therapy, Lifter, and Sour Space Candy in my sampler. Each one was great, but AC/DC and Therapy were my favorites. The smell of the AC/DC was incredible and it was so sticky. I’ve also gotten Grumpy Grandpa from them in the past and it is my favorite hemp strain overall. Thank you to FoH for offering these sampler packs!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    anthony navarro

    I like the small buds special sauce and suaver haze was best one of the best company and good pricing thanks fields of hemp

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kathryn VanHorn

    Super fast shipping and quality product. I’ll be ordering again.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sue Wilson

    Fields of Hemp offers the best product at a reasonable price with the fastest shipping in the business. Completely happy with my order of the 4-strain sampler pack. (I got Suver Haze, Special Sauce, AC/DC, and Therapy. Their AC/DC is my go-to day strain, and the Therapy is amazing balanced medicine for evening use. Their SS has knockout levels of CBD, and is such strong medicine I only use it at night, because I get so relaxed and pain-free that I tend to drift off peacefully.) Would love to try their Lifter as an alternate day strain. I wonder if they have coupon codes for returning customers?

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Elizabeth Drouault (verified owner)

    New to the CBD world….tried this sampler pack with AC/DC, Lifter, Elektra and Therapy.
    Great way to sample a few and see what your into. I loved the AC/DC!! Just hate they seem to always be out of anything bigger than a gram. Didn’t really feel anything with the Elektra. But my daughter got Special Sauce….LOVE it for a nice relaxed evening. No worries but still functional. Like the Therapy too to help me sleep. I have hip/joint pain and these seem to really help. Haven’t taken my prescription Diclofenac in over a week.
    Thank you FOH.

  6. Rated 4 out of 5


    I ordered Therapy, Special Sauce, Grumpy Grandpa and sour space candy. i’ve tried all so far alwxcept Therapy but all have done the job! More specifically, they all give me a nice head calmness and makes my stomach feel warm.

    All of the strains smell pretty heavy and after smoking i realized once I went outside. I wouldn’t suggest buying this if you live in a area where someone will call the police. If not, order up!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brittney (verified owner)

    I ordered this just to try this I had tried marijuana once because I was told it helped with depression I absolutely hated it. It made me sick I hate the head high and the inability to think clearly. I loved these products they came super quickly they don’t make me sick in any way and the flowers were larger than I expected I love this company since the second I have gotten this product I have been nice and relaxed no anxiety or depression symptoms what so ever. I am super glad I got the sample pack because they all had different effects sour space candy is definitely my favorite it made me nice and happy and didn’t make me tired electra however was very relaxing but not couch lock relaxing I think that one is a good night time one lifter made me calm and content and special sauce made me relaxed and super tired definitely night time however the first hour after using that one I had a feeling too close to thc high feeling so I’m definitely glad I got the sample pack so I already know what I want when I order again.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Leeann (verified owner)

    I love this sample pack. I have tried AC/DC, therapy, Elektra, special sauce, and suver haze. AC/DC was my top favorite but after having the Suver haze that became my #1 with AC/DC my 2nd place. All of them a great and get the job done but with Suver haze and AC/DC I like how smooth they are. Just after one use of suver haze I really did notice a huge difference in the amount of pain that I had was gone, and I live in constant pain having rheumatoid arthritis. I cant thank FOH enough for providing me with such amazing products. I have been looking for anything that would help me with the pain but would still allow me a clear calm head. Thank god I found FOH!!!! I will never order from anyone else. FOH has won my loyalty for as long as they are around. The shipping is extremely quick too. You really cant go wrong ordering from FOH or with any of the strains they have. All the strains that I have tried so far has been so helpful. I am so close to tears right now cause I can finally say I found something that is helping me manage my chronic pain. I still have a few more strains to try out but I know I will be getting a great product either way. My chronic pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia are finally getting under control thanks to these CBD flowers.

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