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Strain:  Therapy

Our ever-popular Therapy Flower is back!

$100 ounces on sale now!

  • 2022 Outdoor FLOWER
  • 8.16% CBDA
  • 12.39% Total cannabinoids
  • Farm Bill compliant (below .3% delta-9THC)
  • 3.00% Terpenes
  • Indica dominant (barely)
  • Genetics: Therapy (CBD Crew) x SMGO (from Oregon CBD Seeds
  • Dominant Terpenes: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Nerolidol, Bisabolol, Nerolidol, Nerol, Guaiol, Linalool, Menthol, Terpineol, Pinene, Humulene, Limonene, Cedrol, Cedrene, Ocimene, Terpinolene and Camphene
  • Delicate scent is underlined by hints of herb and spice with highlights of succulent fruit
  • Fast acting, freeing, floaty, perfect for cancelling out the stress, pressure and discomforts of daily life
  • Anytime use

Ingredients: Hemp CBD Flower

COA and Terpene Testing-Provided upon request


*LOQ on testing report means: Limit of quantitation-Non detectable by lab equipment

Additional information


1 Gram (0.035 Ounce), 3.5 Grams (1/8 Ounce), 7 Grams (1/4) Ounce, 14 Grams (1/2 Ounce), 28 Grams (1 oz)

33 reviews for Therapy – NEW!

  1. Leo Hutchinson (verified owner)

    Therapy is the BEST. A perfect evening strand that I make sure to never run out of. The effects:
    -anti-anxiety (great for panic attacks)
    -good mood; “at peace” feeling; zen
    -slight sleep aid (doesn’t put me to sleep necessarily, but helps calm the mind for sleep preparation)
    -body numbing / tingling / warming

    I have always had anxiety when it comes to CBD products (I don’t want a “high” feeling), so I was cautious before trying flower–I am so happy I tried Therapy! I don’t feel my mind is altered or “high”, but I do feel at peace. It is definitely hard to explain, but I wanted to share my experience for others that may be looking for a similar effect. Also, FoH is an AMAZING company. I have spoken to them on the phone about an order issue and they amended it with no problems. They are also quick to respond to emails regarding product inquiries. 10/10 Experience!

  2. SB (verified owner)

    Wiped away all of my anxiety and tension, and made me feel incredibly mentally and physically relaxed. Excellent stuff.

  3. Tim Martin (verified owner)

    I recently decided to order from FOH again and their 2020 batch of Therapy is amazing. I personally need to smoke in the evening due to how potent it is. Puts allot of other vendors indoor & hydro hemp to shame lol.

  4. Brady Noble (verified owner)

    I am extremely happy with my purchase, and I am extremely snobby. The looks, the smell, the taste, the feeling…all there, and exactly what I am looking for in a partnership with a plant. Thank you.

  5. Melissa (verified owner)

    This was my first order from FOH. It only took 3 days even with the whole Corona in effect. It was packaged very discreetly no odor nothing. I’m very impressed with the quality. I’ve been thc lover for 3 years. But this therapy is top notch. Helped with my lupus pain, felt really really relaxed. No paranoia which happens with tch. Will be ordering more in the future keep up good work

  6. Alan Anderson (verified owner)

    My journey with FOH begin with Therapy. The ‘18 harvest was good but ‘19 is better. When I’m unsure what to try Therapy is the answer. I prefer the pre-roll because it takes a while to destem the flower but it’s worth it. Therapy talks you through it; told me I might need 3 soft grindings before packing. When smoking Therapy it will teach you how to triple exhale. Seriously, FOH strains talk to you.

  7. Shannon Schiltz (verified owner)

    Therapy is amazing. The smell is beautiful, slightly lemony to me. Buds are sticky and fluffy once ground up. Most importantly of course, the effects : calming and centering with clear focus. I like it so much I got my husband to try it and even though he thinks CBD is a joke, he wants more of this later! Therapy has made a believer out of him!

  8. Andrew wright

    Got a cone of this from michelle as a sample and loved it! Very good name for it. Nice gassy/skunk smell and taste. Great for depression and anxiety. I found myself uplifted and able to brush off short comings and keep on truckin. Nice nighttime strain, sweet leaf for some sweet dreams!

  9. Brian k Stephens

    Said to help with anxiety stress and depression- from the start I love the almost immediate effects. Gives off a “high” and very deep relaxing effect. I’m writing this just after smoking it. I definitely intend on reordering.

    (few hours later) Feelings lasted for a decent time and I feel grate, very relaxed and comfortable. Don’t have a racing mind or feeling overwhelmed. This is thus far my favorite from FOH

  10. Cory Morrison (verified owner)

    Its Initial Noise Is A Little Flowery, Grass-y….OHH MY OHHH MY BUT ONCE YOU CRACK A BUD OPEN TO REALLY SMELL THE INSIDE…….LOUD! LOUD! LOUD! LOUD! LOUDDDD! Love This Strain Too I’ve Had It Twice. But Elektra & Lifter Have Changed My Life!

  11. Steve

    Review for Therapy
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  12. David T (verified owner)

    This is a highly effective flower in the relaxation/anxiety relief department. A real calm wave hit me about a minute after I finished. Wasn’t instantaneous. Took a second to build up. The smell is unique in terms of CBD flower. Can’t recall having something quite like it. Subtle but original. Slight little notes of earthy sweetness. I ordered 2 grams and the bud was really quite a looker… I was impressed with the discreetness of the packaging. It was a solid box. Not even the slightest hint of an odor until I opened it up. This was my first order from FOH, but it definitely won’t be the last! This is a quality company!

  13. steve (verified owner)

    Absolutely my favorite strain! Calming in the body and relieves anxiety like other strains haven’t. Other strains are better for my pain, but AC/DC is great for that. Therapy is much more than a five star strain. Thanks FOH!

  14. William Almy (verified owner)

    Review for Therapy
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  15. Chase

    I just received my first sampler order from FOH. I have tried a lot of brands of cbd flower but the quality here is top notch! Great skunky, slightly sweet smell and this stuff had a great taste! I’ll be getting more for sure

  16. Eric

    Definitely a great evening/bedtime relaxing strain. Can turn a bad day good. Can wipe out anger no problem. Buds were perfect the trim was good buds were huge and the cure was good for me.

  17. Kat (verified owner)

    Just received my order..its my first one so it was small…but I have to say that I am SUPER happy with my purchase!! FOH you are awesome!! I have used another place in the past and I must say from the way you package to the ease of purchase is totally above the rest!! Keep up the great work!! I will be telling everyone i know about you as well as my local smoke shop!! I feel mellow and so relaxed!! Thank you so much for a superb experience!! I’ll be back soon! I want to try all strains!!

  18. Darrien Simpson

    Awesome for before bed, makes me want to cry (joy) how good this strain is can finally kick the pills out my life

  19. Sammy

    This is another great strain! I know now why it’s called what it’s called! Very therapeutic type feeling off of this. Mellows me out. Probably one of the bests for pain! Effects leave my body calm, relaxed, and anxiety free. This is my number 1 favorite out of all of them. Buy! You won’t be dissatisfied or disappointed!

  20. RICHARD DELCAMPO (verified owner)

    Me and the wife’s favorite strain. So smooth. Wonderful flavor, beautiful smell, and very relaxing. Love the after taste, love the calming feeling I get from it and how it eases my pain.

  21. Eric (verified owner)

    I have tried multiple strains so far from different sites and I can say that Therapy is 1 of my favorites, this flower packs a punch, very strong to body and mind. I don’t have to smoke as much of this 1 because its more potent than other strains. Thanks fieldsofhemp for the amazing flower. Totally worth it!

  22. Jay (verified owner)

    Relaxing effects and amazing looking nugs. Good strain to relax before bed or after work!

  23. Warren (verified owner)

    First off, this is my second purchase from fields of hemp. I ordered on Sunday and by that evening I had gotten an email that my package was ready to ship. Thats awesome! Secondly, I ordered an 1/8th and I weighed it out and they gave me 4 grams of a solid big bud. The smell is amazing, very berry/vanilla/cinnamon like with sweet skunk undertones. Effects were amazing. My head was going in a million miles per hour and after a few hits my mind had been relaxed. Its almost like someone flipped the chill switch on my brain. Slept great that night and woke up in the morning feeling relaxed and ready to take on the day.

    For day time use, I find this strain to be really great after a days work. If i use this strain during my work day, I take a small hit every few hours just to take the edge off the day. Ill keep ordering from here

  24. Megan dodds , Jeremy dodds (verified owner)

    What an amazing Strain! very high-quality. The cure on these flowers on point , amazing medicine,
    I’m so excited to try more Fields Of Hemp products.
    Thank you so much !

  25. Arr Gee (verified owner)

    Just as others have stated, this hemp strain is aptly named.

    Tried before bed and immediately felt a very pronounced head and body effect. It felt very indica-like. My mind was slowed, when it usually races before bed. At first, realizing that there was a very pronounced feeling coming on, I got a little uneasy. But I felt it move over my body and just decided to lay back and see where it was going-What could I do? Haha. I got a heady, calm, sleepy, “time to lay myself down, feel.
    The body feel was very pronounced with a focus , mellowed euphoria in my chest that could only be described as a comforting massage-like feel. It had a slight tingle, but not that annoying leg fell asleep feeling, or restless feeling, it was a calming, contorting tingling.

    A close companion of mine , who only smokes high THC strains to aid with her sleep, shared a couple bowls of Therapy with me one night. I wasn’t sure what she would feel, if anything, or what her reaction would be, but she REALLY liked the feel and effects from this strain. So much so that she opted to pass on her usual personal bowl for the night. She said there was no need afterwards.

    I feel very comfortable with the effects, using this strain as a before bed option when needed.

    Therapy is definitely something that I will be acquiring more of in the future.
    Thanks Fields Of Hemp.

  26. Tyler Vincent

    Truly satisfied with this product big shout-out to FOH!!! I ordered the smalls and the buds were still an amazing size and perfectly cured and trimmed great product 10/10 🙂

  27. Billy

    Therapy is incredible. If you have trouble sleeping, look no further. Perfect strain to help you relax and get a good nights sleep. I have bad anxiety and this strain helps keep that in check. So glad I found fields of hemp. They are a hidden gem.

  28. Pat

    Therapy is the best strain I’ve had and once it comes back in stock I will be ordering more. It was so good I honestly don’t want to buy anything else until I can get more of it, lol. The smell is incredible, almost nostalgic and the affects took my anxiety away and quieted the part of my brain that just goes and goes when I’m trying to sleep.

  29. Chris

    This is a perfect nighttime strain. It leaves me feeling relaxed and pain free. It smokes smoothly and tastes good. Fields of Hemp can’t be beat!

  30. Joshua Duncan

    Therapy is just fantastic in terms of medicinal benefits. I suffer from epilepsy, migraines, and a lot of nausea due to the medications I have to take. While the amount of CBD may be lower compared to other strains on this site, it is the perfect medicinal strain and one of the best strains(in my opinion) to smoke before going to work as it takes away my anxiety while also leaving me VERY relaxed and almost euphoric. The best thing about Therapy, as with all CBD, is that there are no psychoactive effects so I can go to work and get my work done. Therapy leaves my body and mind feeling soothed. It is a great pain reliever, as well as an effective antidepressant. It helps with the migraines I often get during the day, while also helping to ease the racing thoughts I sometimes have due to anxiety. Fields of Hemp are the best in the business, for sure. Their buds are always of the highest quality and Therapy is just another in a long line of rich, quality, truly medicinal strains from this amazing company.

  31. Jen

    Therapy has been the best strain for keeping my anxiety at bay. I’ve tried higher-THC strains of cannabis, but none helped as much as Therapy!

  32. Buss

    Very relaxing, enjoyable smoke. #Dope

  33. Fan of Therapy

    Perrrfection!!! I Love it, Love it, Love it!! Who needs anything else!! I am trading in the fees, day trips, assorted troubles, and HUGE EXPENSES that come with having an unreliable dispensary located 3 hours from home!!! Hallelujah for this stuff and this place!!!

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