Sampler Pack (8 Strains)

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8 Strain Sampler

2020 Flower

Get 1 gram of 8 different strains  for $60.

8 Strain Sampler includes the following strains:

AC/DC, Grumpy Grandpa, Hawaiian Haze, JJ’s Dream, Lifter, Sour Space Candy, Special Sauce,  and Suver Haze.

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18 reviews for Sampler Pack (8 Strains)

  1. Dylan (verified owner)

    First time ever writing a review on a product, & I just want to say this company is 10 star worthy. Extremely fast shipping, packaged very nicely, and they sent me a free FOH mask! Haven’t got a chance to try out the flower, but the buds are nicely trimmed, no seeds and stems. I rolled Therapy strain into a cone, & I’m going to try that tonight after work. Overall, the highest stars I could give. Definitely going to order products from this company again.

  2. Joey (verified owner)

    Hey newcomers! I was turned here by a friend.
    After reading through all the strains I settled on the 8 sampler pack.
    It came EXACTLY as described!
    Only tried AC/DC so far and I’m sold!
    Cannot wait to try the other 7!
    You can bet once I find my match an ounce order will promptly follow!
    Thank You so much FOH!
    You’re making me cry happy tears knowing I can keep my pain, anxiety and depression at bay!
    You’ve given me my life back I don’t know how I can repay you!

  3. Ellis (verified owner)

    Quick and clear delivery system, discrete packaging, excellent product, and the thoughtful inclusion of the documents. Highly reccomend this grower, I’m a very happy customer and I will be back to order more favorites very soon!

    I purchased the 8 strain sampler pack since i’m new to using hemp flower and wasn’t sure what i would like (highly reccommend this option to anyone else starting out too). I recieved several prompt shipping and delivery notifications after placing my order.

    The box was very discrete; the label just read “FOH” so no one would be able to tell what it was. Inside was a packet including the lab results from each individual strain I purchased, a notice to law enforcement, a copy of the “Agricultural Act of 2014, Section 7606 (Farm Bill)”, the license information for the farm and a signed letter from the owner stating all information included is accurate truthful and complete.

    I was surprised by how many little orange hairs and crystals were present in these hemp flowers and several of the packages had very large buds (I love that; it’s like having little hemp Christmas trees!). I was also (and continue to be as i work my way through each strain) surprised at how uniquely each strain effects me considering there’s no psychoactive effects. I find myself actually preferring these hemp buds over my usual high thc buds because there’s no “come down” effect. I’m still getting use to the smell and taste; it’s just more generally “planty” than i’m used to but not bad at all.

  4. Fred

    Great quality, very happy w/the purchase. My only complaint would be that I wish they were dried out a bit more for vaping.

    If you’re a heavy THC user and cutting back w/CBD flower it may take a minute until you feel the effect of CBD. It’s much more close to calm breathing or how I’d feel after meditation as opposed to the wallop my noodle gets from a potent THC flower. (If you weren’t abusing THC like I was, up to 3x daily, this may not be the same for you).

    I’ve used this sampler to stop taking THC though so it’s basically given me back my mood, MEMORY, dreams, motivation, etc. This is the way to go. Stop reading and start buying. (I tried the trim/shake first and it was meh, your $ is worth way more here IMO).

    I came back to the site to pickup more of my favorite strain (Therapy) and thought I’d drop a line b/c I remember reading this when I first visited FOH.

  5. Alex Asciutto (verified owner)

    Each bud was high quality. Honestly, it was really fun trying out each different strain and seeing their unique effects. Throughout this journey I have noticed an improvement in my asthma (certain terpenes in hemp are bronchodilators), a complete cessation of migraines (it knocks them out completely within a few minutes), I can fall asleep easier, I have less anxiety, less depression, and others have stated that they have noticed dramatic improvements in my OCD/Psychosis. I have even noticed my GERD has been improving.

  6. Larry K (verified owner)

    I got the 8 pack sampler and am so impressed with each and every strain the best cbd flower i have had, looks, smell,taste i use a vaporizer and it is so sweet and burns really well these guys are great perfectionist like myself well packaged fast shipping info on all strains notice to Law enforcement they cover it all and that is great. again the best i have had so close to cousin if you know what i mean if you love good cbd flower fields of hemp is the place to order. everybody is different,but their flower is the bomb!

  7. Patrick Turner (verified owner)

    Glad I got the sampler as a first step, nice to get a feel for the different strains! The delivery was great, got it a day early on a day I had off from work so, everything worked out nicely.

  8. Fred johnson

    Man last Friday I received my package from yall n I was so nervous cause I don’t smoke regular weed because of my anxiety but man when I tell you this stuff is good as hell everybody needs to buy it the world would be chilled lol

  9. Linda (verified owner)

    I’m new to CBD and I am so grateful for FOH. The product, packing and shipping was amazing. I’m glad I listened to all of the great reviews online, they’re true. I enjoyed sampling the 8 pack and feel like AC/DC is my favorite. Will definitely be ordering more flower soon.

  10. Sharonda (verified owner)

    I just got into cbd and this was my first time placing an order. Iam well please with everything received my order in 3days and my flowers was the best thank you guys at fields of hemp I will be ordering from you guys again to be honest this is the only place I will be ordering from ?

  11. Jesse c. (verified owner)

    Got this today 420 of all dates literally ordered it on the 17th at night only took 2 days with priority shipping was supposed to get 8 samples and i got 9? super happy all strains taste unique and great awsome service FOH u got a customer 4 life super grateful to find this company thanks FOH you guys are awsome

  12. Emily (verified owner)

    I ordered the sampler pack and couldn’t be happier! I had a great experience with their customer service when I mess my address up and very pleased with how the product was discreetly shipped. I tried the AC/DC and special sauce today and love both. Highly recommend ordering from Fields of Hemp!

  13. Jesse craig (verified owner)

    Just ordered it cant wait to get it been researching and watching reviews for weeks now and this is the company that seemed the easiest to use great prices and good quality looking flowers cant wait to get these and try them maybe even do a youtube review to spread the work amazing work FOH ?☺

  14. Asher (verified owner)

    Wow. Just blown away by the quality of the product and care of packaging and shipping. Lab tests came in the box. Only tried Lifter and Therapy so far but excited to try the rest! Will be ordering again soon!!!

  15. Billy

    Each strain comes in their own Mylar bag and then all placed in a vacuum sealed bag. Great packaging and comes with test results from each strain as well as a notice to law enforcement on the inside of the package letting them know it’s legal hemp. Ive never had a problem with the mail but it’s cool they put all that inside the package just Incase. All the strains are amazing. Therapy and ac/dc are my 2 favorites but can’t go wrong with any of them. Top shelf quality buds and customer service is awesome as well. If you’re like me and couldn’t make your mind up on which strain to try, then the sampler is for you.

  16. Liz

    I got the sampler pack and love it! Definitely recommending to friends. I enjoy getting to try all of the strains to find my favorite. I’m ordering an ounce soon! Thanks FOH!

  17. Liz

    The sampler pack is awesome. I recommend it to everyone who’s just finding Fields of Hemp! It’s a great way to find your favorite strain and their prices are hard to beat! I’m ordering an ounce of my favorite strain soon. Thanks FOH!

  18. Thomas

    Bought therapy last time great smoke works great for sleep

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