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2019 Hawaiian Haze Flower $35 while supplies last.

2019 Hawaiian Haze smalls by the pound $65/lb.

2019 Hawaiian Haze Flower by the pound $115/lb.

Strain: Hawaiian Haze

  • 2019 Flower
  • Tests out at 17.9% CBD and Delta 9 THC levels are <0.1% .
  • Genetics: DC Haze “CC” x ERB
  • Dominant terpenes: B Caryophyllene, B Myrcene, A Pinene, Guaiol, A Humulene, A Bisabolol, Limonene, Nerolidol, Linalool, and others
  • Fruity flavors (think tropical fruit), earthy floral flavors.

Ingredients: Pure Hemp CBD Flower

We are very proud of the fact that we grow using organic farming practices.
We absolutely do not use any pesticides on any of our strains. We rely entirely
on beneficial bugs.

As quality is of the utmost importance to fields of Hemp, each and every
harvest is tested and approved by the Department of Agriculture or one of
their ORELAP (Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program)
accredited laboratories prior to distribution.

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1 Gram (0.035 Ounce), 3.5 Grams (1/8 Ounce), 7 Grams (1/4) Ounce, 14 Grams (1/2 Ounce), 28 Grams (1 oz), Smalls by the pound, Flower by the Pound

19 reviews for Hawaiian Haze $35/oz

  1. Jeremy Nichols

    Review for Hawaiian Haze – NEW
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  2. zorua16k (verified owner)

    Just arrived today, shipping was ultra fast. This is my third time buying from FOH and though I’ve tried the sample packs, I went ahead and ordered this because I knew they wouldn’t let me down. And let me tell you what.. this is straight fire. The smell is sour and fruity, the inhale/exhale is as tasty as can be. These guys make a quality product. I will be getting this again!

  3. jerreedw

    Review for Hawaiian Haze – NEW
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  4. Jonathan (verified owner)

    The best hemp flower I’ve tried so far. The taste is out of this world, very close to THC flower. Much smoother on the throat than other strains I’ve tried. I actually wanted to finish the whole joint this time.

  5. Freddo (verified owner)

    Review for Hawaiian Haze – NEW
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  6. Johnny

    Hello everyone does anybody knows anything about if smoking cbd flower may harm the liver this is my question thanks and I will I love your answers

  7. ed

    some of the best hemp bud ive had. tastes and smells fruity and gives a nice uplifting boost

  8. Matthew Hedin (verified owner)

    4.7 stars

  9. Matthew Hedin (verified owner)

    Made the sky hazy on graduation day.

  10. BakedNConfused (verified owner)

    Best tasteful flower I’ve had so far, I’ve bought like 20 different strains from different companies and this is #1, maybe not for its effects ( @17.8%) but the taste alone is still my fav.
    Shame I only bought a gram so I could purchase others to test out.

  11. Andrew wright

    This was the last oz i ordered and didnt last but 2 weeks lol. Very good strain. All around great product. Smells wonderful, fruity/earthy taste, long lasting effects, great looks. 5 stars easily.

  12. Miguel Barrios

    This and grumpy grandpa are my two favorites so far. FOH provides quality every time. The samplers helped me try a variety of flowers to see what works for me. Thankful for this medicine it has been a game changer for me. I mix it with CBG flower and it was a great combo. Don’t hesitate. This will be my next Oz.

  13. Josh

    Where do i start. It all started with a accidental order. Next thing you know im engaged with customer service nope wrong the owners. They were both very helpful. And even informed on shady farms or lab results which honestly i order from organic cbd nugs and plain jane. And not one of them sent the lab results and a notice that this legal 100%. And too me sometimes i go to the park to just light up on late night watch. Now i carry it in my pocket just in case. So for the flower i smoke a gram of it. And tbh at first i was like im not sure if this going to work or when it will kick in about 15 minutes later i was feeling the heaviness of my eyes. But the flavor was amazing . Looking forward to using the vape line once i finsihed my stash first!!

  14. VCS (verified owner)

    FOH Has the best flower available!
    Great product bought half oz of this an cherry wine..
    The best stuff available

  15. Cris

    Ummm… yaaess… this I use – among others – for when I have my issues with pain ~ and I do have PAIN ( nerve pain that is relentless and never ending…) this TRULY helps ! I am SO thankful for CBD that I do not have to take SO much medicine!

  16. Chris Hanson (verified owner)

    Hawaiian Haze is the best Hemp Flower I’ve had! The stickiest by far. Good size buds. Earthy/Gassy/Floral taste. Best tasting flower I’ve had and I’ve had about 20 different strains from about 6 different top competing Cbd retailers. I can crush a bud in between my fingers and it sticks to my finger staying in it’s flattened form releasing a potent smell. Effects are amazing 2 hits i felt really laid back. 5 hits in and i felt a body high and a real sence of well being.
    This would get 6 stars from me if they had that many stars. Fields of Hemp also threw in 2 free gram samples of grumpy grandpa and special sauce as well for free. Wish i could post some pictures of this flower to show you what im talking about.

  17. Keisha Odom

    It smells really good. This strain is tricky though. The body high kinda sneaks up on you outta nowhere and then puts you to sleep. I like it.

  18. Jerry-Lee Rueb

    So far my favorite daytime strain!
    Seems to really help with my anxiety and keeps me focused when I’m at work. Also helps me stay relaxed without making me drowsy. On top of all of that, it also has the best taste in my opinion out of the several strains I’ve tried from FOH.
    Can’t wait for my next batch after I try a couple more stains!

    I really appreciate what you guys do!
    Definitely earned yourselves a regular customer here!

  19. Steve

    Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower

    Bag appeal: Tight, rock hard, small, buds of mixed green shades, coated in sugary trichomes and wrapped in a furry coat of orange-brown hairs protruding in tufts everywhere. Smells mostly of tropical fruit, a little pine, and faintly of sweet black pepper chased by a tiny hint of funky cheese.

    Combustion: Smooth on the throat, sweet and sour tropical fruit with floral herb when hitting greens then black pepper as the bowl ashes over, all with a bit of sweet fruit and herbal pine and scattered moments of either menthol or clove. Unmistakable sweet grassy skunk odor lingers for awhile.

    Effects: Immediate onset in the head with a “behind the eyes” feel that seasoned tokers can relate to, climbing ever upwards, with delayed peak effects that creep up on you long after finishing the bowl, so watch out if you’re a novice! Uplifting and happy, clear headed mental shift inching slightly towards the creative and energetic side of the scale, paired with beautiful anxiety relief and a noted floating, physical relaxation similiar to the sensation of moving through deep water. With one small bowl, effects last strongly for about 45 minutes and linger softly, keeping anxiety away for several hours more, all with a perfectly clear mental state.

    Overall: Head up. Body up. I’ve purchased this strain repeatedly and find myself always keeping some on hand, so Hawiian Haze must be doing something right!  I find myself reaching for it primarily in the morning as part of my coffee routine and I feel it makes a smile easy to wear long into the lunch hour as it eliminates anxiety so beautifully. I would recommend mostly for daytime depression and anxiety relief with it’s slight energy and significant mood lift, it might help some people with daytime physical tension/pain too as I always experience a decent amount of physical relief and body buzz with this bud. I also imagine its buzzy, uplifting, and relaxing properties might be enjoyable shared among friends during early evening social events. This is the direction in which new CBD strains should be moving!

    My Background: Over 20 years of delightful cannabis toking including 1 year of cbd flower experience.

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