Smalls 2019 $17/oz

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2019 Smalls $17/ounce

Bubba Kush, Cherry Wine, Elektra, Grumpy Grandpa, Hawaiian Haze, Lifter, Mikey’s Special Blend, Pineberry, Sour Space Candy, Special Sauce and Suver Haze available while supplies last.

2019 Smalls

It is Mike’s Special blend of Sour Space Candy and Grumpy Grandpa. We are calling it SOUR GRANDPA!


We are presently only offering our smalls in the ounce/pound sizes (for all strains).


Click on link to view Therapy Test Results: 

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Click on link to view Grumpy Grandpa Terpene Report

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Click on link to view Elektra Test Results

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Click on link to view Special Sauce Test Results

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AC/DC, Bubba Kush, Cherry Wine, Elektra, Grumpy Grandpa, Hawaiian Haze, Lifter, Mikey's Special Blend, Pine Berry, Remedy, Sour Space Candy, Special Sauce, Suver Haze, Therapy


14 Grams (1/2 ounce), 28 Grams (ounce)

54 reviews for Smalls 2019 $17/oz

  1. Diggy Smalls (verified owner)

    Stellar quality and value in the smalls. They were a little dry for rosin pressing, but that’s really to be expected with discount smalls.
    I tried the therapy, and it’s good classes skunky flavor with some brightness and sweetness to it.
    The effects are solid and relieved my back pain and joint pain pretty effectively.
    I went a little overboard my first day having the flowers and got a little head high from it, but nothing too intense. Therapy is an appropriate name.
    There buds range from very small to medium and there are even some purple and a little red colored buds mixed in, though they all taste and smell the same.

  2. Jesse (verified owner)

    I’m got Ac/Dc and it’s amazing. The flower felt fresh and is the best smelling strain. It’s very effective

  3. Alex (verified owner)

    Amazing quality of these smalls. I’ve ordered smalls from other companies and the quality, richness, and potency of these smalls blows every other company i’ve tried out of the water. The deep yet vibrant purple on many of these nugs are unreal. I ordered Suver Haze which is an amazing strain for pretty much any time of the day. It instantly relaxes me while still allowing me to perform any tasks throughout the day without feeling lazy. Not only is the quality amazing but the customer service is outstanding as well. Thank you Scott and Michelle for everything you do to provide the best quality flower at a great price.

  4. kareem pettaway (verified owner)

    scott and michelle thank you this special sauce is smooth and smell real good i love the relaxing effects this is grade hemp flower i will purchase some more soon

  5. happy customer!

    I ordered ounces of smalls for 3 strains and all have been fantastic quality. A great value.

    I’ve ordered from Fields of Hemp multiple times now and they really impress me. Quality of their flowers, packaging, shipping, customer service, the works.

    A across the board.

    So far AC/DC is my favorite strain for daytime pain relief, overall smell, and effects. Suver Haze comes in second.

    Suver Haze is a bit heavier feeling, so I use it more for evenings and winding down. I find AC/DC is good for mornings, afternoons, evenings, whenever. AC/DC is a gettin-stuff-done strain. 🙂

  6. Michelle

    I ordered the Suver Haze smalls and WOW! They were larger than regular Suver buds I ordered elsewhere. In addition these are actually still sticky and smooth smoking. Thanks so much, you have a regular customer now.

  7. TaZ K

    The small buds I received were pretty big not disappointed like 2 other companies I ordered from.

  8. Jeff

    High quality flower. Lots of purple nugs with some greenish ones mixed in,, all of them good sized for smalls. Smooth smoke,, with some buds more richly flavored than others. It has a mild sour aroma. Stress relieving.

  9. Sam (verified owner)

    I ordered 7g of 3 different strains and all 3 were fantastic. Each bag weighed 1g over and the size of the buds were impressive for smalls. I can’t wait to order again.

  10. Kyle (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing value and the typical buds are not “small” in my book. Great buy from a great company

  11. Jojo

    Top shelf hemp flower, look no further!! The size of these smalls are insane, these are NICE size nugs. The Suver Haze was straight purple bud with orange hairs, amazing quality. The Therapy strain was super fire too. Thank you to Taz for recommending this company and thank you Fields of Hemp!!

  12. Marvybells (verified owner)

    Big nugs, I can’t believe they are smalls! This was my first FOH purchase and I am very impressed. I bought AC/DC & Grumpy Grandpa. AC/DC is a great day strain for me. Very uplifting & motivating with some pain relief. I was productive and feeling good for a couple hours after vaping. GG is good for anytime of day for me. It doesn’t make me sleepy but it’s very relaxing. The stiff muscles in my neck were loosened up considerably and it very effectively knocked out the neuropathy in my feet. Everyone keeps talking about how high CBD strains are better for pain but that hasn’t been my experience. Many high cbd strains did little for my pain but GG works wonders for me.

  13. Tanner

    Just amazing i can tell there is passion in these flowers, such an amazing price for the quality. I have not found 1 seed so far and i am just overall super impressed.

  14. Kevin (verified owner)

    My 1st order and it rocked ! came fast, and with a little sampler bonus of Lifter as well… The sour space was incredible… and 20% off over $45 ? Can’t beat it !!!

  15. Greg

    I ordered an oz of the suver haze smalls. First off the flowers were beautiful nuggets. Secondly, I can’t believe how fast they arrived on the east coast! Thank you for great service and I’m preparing to make another order!

  16. Amrs (verified owner)


    Thank you, Thank you and Thank you for providing amazing products. The shipping was fast and the Grumpy Grandpa and Special Sauce is amazing. I’ll be ordering more products from you all soon.

  17. Betty (verified owner)

    I ordered the Special Sauce and the ACDC, very happy with those. I just ordered another oz of Special Sauce, plus quarters of Pineberry and Lifter. I’m expecting the same quality. Shipping is fast and discrete too. Awesome company.

  18. Nick Taylor (verified owner)

    Picked up some smalls and I am very impressed. The shipping was fast I picked prority and I live on the other side of the United States and it came in 2 days.
    I got and oz and I had 5-6 buds that was not smalls they where normal size buds. Very impressed with what I got. The effects creep up on you. It took my anxiety away when I started feeling it. Best value on the Internet right now imo.

  19. Dustin Thewind (verified owner)

    2 out of 3 ain’t that bad!

    Ive made 3 orders now of these “smalls.” Ill be reviewing all three in this review.

    1st order – Smalls Secret Sauce. Perfect trim, immaculate cure, good size and solid effects. Good night time strain. Kinda weird taste in the vape at low temps but nothing terrible. Very relaxing strain with out being super sleepy. Bigger than usual “smalls” and beautiful to behold!

    2nd order- Smalls ACDC. This has been my only hemp purchase that I kinda regret. Its trim was terrible, sugar leaves like squids wrapping around nearly every nug. Visually, its a 3 star. The cure was good, and effects were pretty decent. Good day time strain, but this had a VERY weird taste that I just cant get over. In the vape its almost unbearable. Taste like meat, and not the good kind. Smoking makes it a little better but its still weird. I wish I didnt have an OZ of this laying around cause its gonne be here a long time cause I just don’t want that taste in my mouth. Maybe Ill decarb and make capsules? Been giving alot of it away. Biggest disappointment so far. Looks bad and tastes bad.

    3rd order- Smalls Grumpy Grandpa. This time, the trim was also really crappy, with same squids hugging every lil nug. Makes them like velcro against each other. Pull out one nuglet and 10 others are stuck to it from the leaves. Not a deal breaker, since I maily vape and it all vapes the same. This time tho, the tastes were phenomenal and effects were heavy and sedating. This two things make me ignore the poor trim jub since the cure, consistency, flavor and effects are so good. I would happily order more of this strain. I prefer it over the ‘sauce without hesitation. Not to say the sauce is bad or weak, its not, but I feel that their GG is simply better in comparison. Its my #1 night time strain to shut the day down. Also side note, this GG smalls came with a 62% 4gram bodeva pack, but the nugs did not seem dry or crispy, and the bodeva was fresh and juicy. Just an observation. Neither a pro or a con. If anything, it shows they care. 🙂

    All in all, the size is usually thumbnail size, give or take. Sometimes bigger, rarely smaller. No shake, no seeds (yet), but would be happy to find a few. 🙂

    Bottom line, their smalls are KILLER value in both size and cost. Some strains though did not agree with me. First I thought the sauce’s minorly strange taste in the vape was bad, until I tried the ACDC. Its SO bad (for me personally) that it made what I thought about the sauce change, and now its pretty good in comparison. But Im not sure if I would buy either again. GG is another story. Even though its visually unattractive, the flavor and effects are stunningly strong! Over all I am a happy customer that will live and learn.

    2 stars docked for bad trim on 2 of the three and awful tastes for the ACDC. Its just too dam weird for me to get over. I cant describe it, but I do not like it. I am however VERY happy with my GG and plan on getting more as my jar gets lower.

  20. John (verified owner)

    I purchased some smalls of Grumpy Grandpa, and its awesome. The buds are pretty big for being considered a small. The item was shipped very quickly also. They just earned another return customer. I’ll be back for more soon. Thank You

  21. Steve H

    Great quality products for a very good price with excellent customer service. I ordered small Lifter strain buds & received it within 3 days of ordering. The buds very not small, they seem regular sized. This is the strain of my day time choice of strain & this vendor, an all time, all year round choice 🙂

  22. Robert Ritzer (verified owner)

    I have schizophrenia and since I started smoking hemp my symptoms have dramatically improved. I STILL TAKE MY MEDICATION, but with the addition of the ounce of smalls I buy, my daily life has gotten much better and I am happy to have found you Fields of Hemp.

  23. William Pinckney (verified owner)

    got a 1/2 oz of smalls. looks great smells good, not too wet not too dry, nicely manicured, smokes up good. well worth it .

  24. Patrick (verified owner)

    Amazing flower at an amazing price. I’ve tried an ounce of the Grumpy Grandpa and another of the Suver Haze, both were of top notch quality. My last order was less than 48 hours from purchase to delivery, West to East Coast. I could not be happier and will certainly be a returning customer. Thank you Fields of Hemp!

  25. Terrence H (verified owner)

    I made sure I wrote a review. Because your buds are the best in my book. I love the look and smell of it.Smokes up real good.I want to thank you so much.Amazing Fields of hemp!

  26. Dylan (verified owner)

    You may be able to find other stores out there with equally high quality flower, but none will match their superb customer service and free two day coast-to-coast shipping (when you spend a certain amount).

    I’ve had flower from farms that tested as having higher levels of CBC and CBG(a), but don’t come close to giving the relief I get from FOH’s flower. That leads me to believe that either the margin for error is really high at other third-party labs, that most lab reports are misleading or not properly conducted, or FOH’s labs are the only accurate labs I’ve read. Some of the other flower I’ve tried SHOULD blow FOH out of the water judging by the labs alone, but they don’t! I’m not sure why, but I’m not going to complain.

    Grumpy Grandpa annihilates all of the pain and inflammation I deal with on a daily basis, as well as the severe anxiety that accompanies said pain. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night without it.

    A mix of Lifter and GG helps in the same way, but cancels out the sedation enough to keep me productive throughout the day. Lifter on it’s own is great, but it gets my heart racing when I’m stressing or in a rush, so I prefer to mix them.

    Thanks to hemp flower, I no longer take small handfuls of ibuprofen everyday. It’s going to save my stomach and kidneys in the long run, literally. For that reason alone, I owe FOH my sincere gratitude.

    Keep up the great work! I can’t wait to see what else you come out with in the near future.

  27. Jay (verified owner)

    These are not smalls. The trim job on them is not as good as normal buds but it doesn’t matter if you’re on a budget. The quality of the smalls is A+. They’re the best smalls I have ever purchased from any hemp company on the market!

  28. Ivan (verified owner)

    Very good stuff! Thanks Scott and Michelle!

  29. Jak (verified owner)

    Honestly, with the price point on these the trim job isn’t phenomenal, but it’s definitely not awful (nugs are a lil bit shaggy, but still covered in trichomes and very pretty)~furthermore, these “smalls” were not small, or shaky in the slightest; larger, dense nugs with my largest one weighing out to 1.2g. Not to mention the fact that a standard “quarter” of the smalls is 8 grams, if you’re smoking on a budget like many of us are, the quality for the price really can’t be beat. In the past I have gotten orders of “discount” hemp flowers from other websites, and the quality was absolute garbage (cough cough, *tryplainjane*), but FoH really comes through with the BANG for the buck on this one.

    My one and only regret is that I placed a 1/4oz order for $25.00 when realistically I should have just spent $15 more for the full half zip~so if you’re debating on whether to purchase a quarter oz or a half oz, I’d definitely say that the half is better value.

    4 star because of the slightly mediocre trim job, but taste is great and effects are potent~looks aren’t always everything, but like I said, these “biggie smalls” are pretty to look at, regardless.

  30. Jeff (verified owner)

    Picked up some smalls for my first order. Got to say I’m highly impressed. Shipping was fast, would have been three days had I not ordered on a Thursday. The quality is awesome. Would love to know how to get coupons or a discount on my next orders. I hear that sometimes they even throw a something extra in as a bonus, maybe on my next order.

  31. Aaron E (verified owner)

    I just picked up a half oz of Grumpy Grandpa smalls and was thoroughly impressed and satisfied. FOH are selling smalls that are better quality than a lot of other companies “top shelf” flowers. At $40 for a half oz I really cannot see a better option. Flowers have a peppery smell with a hint of berry and a slight trace of skunk. I’m not a vaper but it does have a decent taste when smoked. Great effects as well. If the smalls are this good I’d love to see what their normal flowers are like, so I plan to grab a few grams. Great stuff!

  32. Dylan (verified owner)

    Michelle your awesome. I have orders smalls in Ac/Dc, grump grandpa, special sauce and lifter and none have disappointed me! My favorite is AC/DC!

  33. Eddie (verified owner)

    I have ordered from FOH twice now. My first order was some smalls of special sauce, second order was some smalls of lifter and a g of grumpy grandpa. All three strains have been incredible so far.

    These hemp flowers have helped my anxiety without knocking me out of the game like regular high THC cannabis. I can smoke a little, relax, and still get things done.

    The shipping is also incredibly quick. Ordered on a Friday night, product was delivered on the following Monday and I live across the country.

    Thank you FOH for your products and service!

  34. Nick (verified owner)

    Just received my first order of Lifter smalls and to echo what others have said: the flowers are very nicely sized to be considered smalls. Great value. And the shipping couldn’t have been quicker.

    Will certainly be coming back for more!

  35. Josh (verified owner)

    These are not small at all. I purchased an ounce of lifter and I am amazed. The smell is great and the effects are almost immediate. Fast shipping from a great company. Thank You

  36. Steph

    I really appreciate it, this is the only company besides NC hemp that I’ve tried and I don’t think you all understand that your products exceeds expectations. And your service is unquestionably outstanding. I wish they had discount codes I’ll order even more.

    btw, the super haze and space candy is like an Indica to this high grade CBD definitely puts you in a better place and deals with that anxiety in a hurry, and that’s coming from a military veteran. Thanks again FOH!

  37. Amy

    I purchased Lifter and AC/DC smalls. Both orders have been fantastic. Shipping has been phenomenally fast. Great price (and free shipping).
    Fields of Hemp is doing it right. Stay cool!

  38. Kit (verified owner)

    Review for Smalls
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  39. Randy (verified owner)

    Ordered acdc smalls and a 4 pack sampler of therapy, pineberry, and suver haze . I was very skeptikal if this product would work and let me tell you after taking a few hits im a true believer this took my anxiety and joint pain away and just fully relaxed me products are awesome i will be ordering again Mahalo and Aloha fields of hemp ??

  40. D (verified owner)

    Great quality I will definitely order again. This is some of the best CBD flower I have seen, you can tell they truly care about their product not just the $$. The effects are as described, check leafly for more info..
    Thank you so much!

  41. Cynthia (verified owner)

    After reading these and other reviews on this web site, I prepared to be amazed while awaiting my first order from Fields of Hemp. I wasn’t disappointed! I ordered an ounce of Pine Berry smalls and received them in 2 days. These smalls aren’t small at all, with a beautiful color, and a mouth watering aroma. The effect is wonderful… anxiety and pain just float away. My son, my roommate and I are all THC hemp veterans, and we were quite impressed with this CBD hemp, Next month I plan to get TWO ounces… yes, it’s that good!

    Thank you, Fields of Hemp! You have a customer for life here!

  42. Chris J

    Review for Smalls
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

  43. Evan

    You can’t beat this deal with a stick , super fire, super happy! FOH is the best hands down.

  44. Edwin J Applewhite (verified owner)

    I will order again!

  45. shiny6228 (verified owner)

    By far this is the biggest smalls I’ve ever seen. FOH exceeds my expectations every time. And this is no exception. FOH you rock!!!!!!

  46. Michelle Fields

    Fields of Hemp makes NO guarantees that any person will be able to pass a drug test after using our products. Many do, but some definitely do not. There has been very little research on the subject, so we are unable to offer any insight regarding what amounts may cause a hot test.

  47. Hall.405 (verified owner)

    Scott and Michelle I want to thank you so much .For your cbd buds they been so good for helping my seizures out that I had all my life.And my eczema to.Thats why I had to write a review.To tell yall are the best!!!

  48. Chris

    I wanted to leave a review since I have bought more smalls and read others reviews. Everything about the product and company is top notch and I’ve tried a lot of vendors. I’ve tried several strains in the smalls category so this is kind of an overall review for several purchases. I’ve never got a bad trim job or bad tasting product the color of the hemp is always light green and never brown. Don’t hesitate to buy

  49. Kaitlin

    I want to start by saying that FOH Customer Service is top notch. Seriously fantastic.
    Secondly, the Sour Space Candy package of Smalls is awesome. Smells amazing, smokes great, tastes good, and leaves you with a pleasant, relaxed feeling. My boyfriend and I are impressed and look forward to trying more top-notch strains!

  50. Norman Price (verified owner)

    Just got an ounce of Bubba Kush, it has a great smell/sweet flavor with hints of coffee and chocolate. Smokes very smooth. I suffer from anxiety and it gives me immediate relief. Quality is great, trim and cure both amazing. Thanks again FOH, love your products!

  51. Michael R.

    Wow, wow wow wow.
    That’s all that I can say. I ordered the smalls and let me tell you they’re everything but small popcorn buds. I looked at post after post then finally weighing the good versus the bad of each company I decided on Fields Of Hemp.
    I’ve personally only had CBD a few times due to being a grower and smoker of THC cannabis up until I moved to Missouri. I had wrote an email to FOH explaining that I was new to CBD and that I had just ordered Suver Haze (1oz smalls) also that I read multiple times over and over on reddit that AC/DC was the way to go but they were out of the OZ packages. They wanted to thank me for my order and threw in a couple of samples and a face mask.

    I went with priority shipping and had my product in 2 business days ( I ordered Saturday night and got my package Tuesday).
    I wasn’t expecting much and kinda went out on a limb hoping that it would be something close to thc cannabis.
    FOH definitely came in clutch with this one. It made me feel relaxed yet not stoned. I had the weed relaxation but not the giggling feeling if that makes any sense.
    I prefer the AC/DC over Suver Haze BUT Suver Haze was still pretty good.
    I also was surprised that they smelled like actual bud and not hay like some redditors were reporting.
    Overall I’m extremely satisfied with my order and if you’re in the market for CBD I would 100% recommend them again.

  52. Viv

    Super super fast shipping!! Pk.came in 2 days!!from Ct.
    Great price…Great packaging… Great product..
    Will definitely buy from fields of hemp again!

  53. Chris

    2020 Elektra smalls are fantastic! I would love to see it come in recyclable bags when possible thats the only reason i give 4 stars instead of 5. Very happy customer, you guys knocked it out of the park with this one.

  54. mcrespo747 (verified owner)

    The size and quality of these so called “Smalls” are AMAZING. Nothing wrong with purchasing the Smalls at all. The Elektra and Bubba Kush I had purchased were more better than I expected and amazing quality. You will not be disappointed.
    Thank you Mr. and Misses Fields.

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