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We have decided that May is going to be design-a-sticker month. We are asking all of our creative people to design something that would make us proud to present as our own. If we pick your sticker to use, you will win a Gift Card to spend as you wish on any of our products, including some of our Premium Strains we have rolling out soon.

The winner(s) of the Design a Sticker contest will not only win Gift Cards, but their winning design will also be turned into real stickers that we will give full creative credit to and include in our sticker collection. We could have just one winner or we could have more winners. Just depends on how many cool sticker designs we get that we choose to use.

We are intentionally not giving a whole lot of direction because we want to see what you guys come up with. As long as it has something to do with the Fields of Hemp brand/logo, you will be on the right path. We want to keep the size at about 4” long by 2” tall. Just keep that in mind with wording. Your sticker design may include graphics, text, or a combination of the two. Just submit the entry to, with “Design a Sticker” in the subject line.  Also, don’t forget to attach a pdf or jpeg version of your design to the email.

By submitting an entry to this contest you are giving us permission to use your design for future promotional materials at our discretion with no additional monetary compensation.

Deadline for entry is May 31st at Midnight.

Right on, let’s see what you got!



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